Have you ever been cynical about something? I sure have. Today, there is a lot of cynicism going around. There is growing cynicism of politics, there is cynicism of politicans promises, there is increasing cynicism of religion, and public cynicism of prayer and the authority and sacredness of Scripture. Someone is dihonest with us, then later “swears up and down they are telling the truth, or will fix it, or it was someone else’s fault”, causes us to say, “Right I’ll believe it when I see it.” We are constantly bombarded by scams, both over the internet and by phone.

Cynicism usually arises when trust is broken. We have expectations of something or someone, and they aren’t fulfilled. Sometimes, we were misled, and sometimes our expectations were wrong. Sometimes, there are circumstances where we don’t want to compromise our values, beliefs and integrity. So we are hesitant to believe and act. We are cynical.

In John 1:43-51, we see a story about a man named Nathaniel. He was cynical. But he would not allow his cynicism to prevent him from finding answers to his questions, then moving from cynicism to faith in Christ.

I believe that there is a cynicism that becomes an escape from making decisions, from making a commitment to Christ, from changing when faced with truth. It’s an excuse not to believe or act.

I believe there is a cynicism that is honest and cautionary. It keeps us from rushing into everything that crosses our path. It causes us to check out the facts. It protects us, but it doesn’t prevent us from turning the cynicism to faith and certainty.

What kind of cynicism is in your life? The one that won’t let doors of truth be opened, and let you change; or the kind that reveals your character and integrity in your search for what is good and true.

Consider Nathnaiel

God bless, Pastor bill


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